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Living in Sherwood Oregon - EVERYTHING You Need to Know

Sherwood Oregon Neighborhood in Fall

Is Sherwood Oregon a Good Place to Live?

If you're looking for a scenic and welcoming place to call home, look no further than Sherwood, Oregon. Named several times one of the "Best Places to Live in the Nation" by CNNs Money Magazine and TOP 10 Best places for families by Family Circle Magazine, Sherwood is located 30 minutes from downtown Portland. The community is very close-knit and supportive, and there's always something going on–from farmer's markets and festivals to live music and theater performances. The area's natural beauty is undeniable, and outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty of opportunities to explore the forests, rivers, and hiking trails.

Whether you're looking for a quiet place to raise a family or an exciting place to retire, you should definitely consider moving to Sherwood, Oregon. If you're still not sure, read on, and we'll try to answer the pressing question, "Is Sherwood, Oregon, a good place to live?"

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The Moving to Sherwood Oregon Team

Whether you're looking for a quiet place to raise a family or an exciting place to retire, you should definitely consider moving to Sherwood, Oregon. If you're still unsure, read on, and we'll try to answer the pressing question, "Is Sherwood, Oregon, a good place to live?"

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Elizabeth Davidson


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Todd Davidson

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What's Living in Sherwood Oregon Like?

Sherwood is a beautiful city located in Washington County, Oregon. This residential community is situated in the Tualatin Valley and is home to around 21,000 people. Sherwood is only 15 minutes outside Portland, making it an ideal location for those who want easy access to a bigger city. However, Sherwood has its unique charm, and there are plenty of reasons to call this city home.

An affluent city, Sherwood's median household income is just above $100,000 a year. Living in Sherwood, Oregon, offers a peaceful, relaxed lifestyle coveted by many, with a low crime rate and quiet neighborhoods to choose from. Residents here are also known for being friendly and welcoming. Whether you're looking for a place to start your family or relax during your Golden Years, living in Sherwood is an excellent choice. Come check out why everyone is moving to Sherwood, Oregon!

Sherwood Oregon Neighborhoods from Above the City

Living in Sherwood Oregon - Photo by Rob Thomason

A Brief History of Sherwood Oregon

Sherwood, Oregon, is a historic city with a rich past. The first settlers to the area were the Tualatin Indians, who lived peacefully until the arrival of the first wagon train in 1843. The wagon train was led by James Christopher Smock, who established a small settlement that he named Smockville. In 1891, the town was renamed Sherwood after a local's hometown of Sherwood, Michigan.

In the early days, the leading industry in Sherwood was a pressed brickyard. However, this changed in 1897 with the Klondike Gold Rush. The gold rush gave the community a big boost, and by 1911 the population had grown to around 350 people. Today, Sherwood has grown to a population of about 21,000, and the city limits make up four and a half square miles. The growth of this little city has created a thriving economy, with several businesses and services available while maintaining the original small-town charm that much of Oregon is familiar with.

Housing in Sherwood Oregon

When browsing the real estate listings of Sherwood, you'll come across a variety of home types to suit any taste. The market is predominantly comprised of freestanding, single-family houses with an average cost of around $700,000. However, a wide range of home types are available and homes to suit all budgets, from two-story, single-family homes to charming bungalows priced anywhere from the low $400,000s to well over $4 million. So there are diverse housing choices if you're moving to Sherwood, Oregon.

Sherwood has a mix of idyllic neighborhoods with the quintessential white picket fence and modern builds with the top trending features. In addition, many of the homes in Sherwood are situated on large and spacious lots–perfect for hosting outdoor get-togethers. Sherwood has something to offer whether you're looking for a cozy starter home or a luxurious estate.

Best Neighborhoods in Sherwood Oregon

Sherwood, Oregon, is the perfect spot if you desire a beautiful and peaceful place to call home. Nestled in the Willamette Valley between rolling hills and towering evergreens, Sherwood offers stunning views and a variety of top-notch neighborhoods to choose from. Here are a handful of the best neighborhoods to consider if moving to Sherwood, Oregon:

Parrett Mountain

If you're looking for luxury, you've definitely found it! Parrett Mountain is a private estate community with around 60 properties, starting in the million-dollar price range. Lots are typically one acre in size, and homes range from 4,000 to 8,000 square feet. This exclusive Sherwood neighborhood is perfect for those who want to live in Sherwood, Oregon, and have privacy and luxury.

Sherwood Oregon Neighborhood

Living in Sherwood Oregon - Sherwood Neighborhoods - Photo by Rob Thomason


Woodhaven is a great choice for families or those moving to Sherwood who enjoy being surrounded by mature trees and beautiful landscapes. The community is one of the more affordable in Sherwood and offers options for first-time home buyers as well as move-up buyers. Woodhaven has many single-family homes with nice sidewalks and safe streets, creating a bikeable and kid-friendly atmosphere. Want a neighborhood in Sherwood where your child can hop on their bike in the morning, be gone until lunch, and not worry? Woodhaven is it. Woodhaven Park is within walking distance of all the homes in the community, which is ideal for sunny summer days! 

Sherwood View Estates

Sherwood View Estate is another great Sherwood neighborhood option, starting at $600,000, with a newer expansion starting at around $800,000. This Sherwood neighborhood includes four-bedroom homes with three-car garages. It's also continuing to grow and expand, so there's always something new to explore. Plus, it's just minutes from Downtown Sherwood.

Woodhaven Park in Sherwood Oregon

Living in Sherwood Oregon -  Photo by Rob Thomason

Oregon Trail

When Sherwood began to explode in the early to mid-1990s, the Oregon Trail neighborhood was at the forefront of the Sherwood neighborhood renaissance. With a great neighborhood park and within walking distance to Ridges Elementary, this Sherwood neighborhood has a great selection of mostly three-bedroom 2.5 bath homes. The neighborhood is small, tight-knit, and extremely bikeable if you have kids. If you're looking to move to Sherwood and buy a home, you'll find some of the best prices of any Sherwood neighborhood, with prices starting in the mid $500K's.

No matter what you're looking for in a neighborhood, living in Sherwood has something to offer. Come see why these communities are some of the top neighborhoods in town! For more information and guidance on the neighborhoods in Sherwood, reach out to our Sherwood neighborhood expert, Elizabeth Davidson. She has sold real estate in Sherwood, Oregon, for over a decade and knows the Sherwood neighborhoods well. Elizabeth Davidson Website

If you need more information on what living in Sherwood is like or want to talk about housing in Sherwood, contact a member of our Moving to Sherwood Team. They would love to help with your move to Sherwood.  

Public Schools in Sherwood

If you are looking into what it's like to live in Sherwood, Oregon, certainly, the schools are of major importance. They certainly play a big part in answering the question, "Is Sherwood, Oregon, a good place to live?" if you have school-aged children.

The Sherwood School District has been named one of the best school districts in Washington County. Sherwood public schools serve more than 5,000 pre-kindergarten through 12th grade students and are highly ranked in academics and extracurricular activities. Sherwood schools consist of five elementary schools, three middle schools, and one high school. Sherwood students consistently score above average on state assessments, and the schools offer a wide range of extracurricular activities, including sports, music, and theater. In addition, the Sherwood School District has a strong commitment to community involvement. It offers a variety of programs and services that benefit all the families and residents who live in Sherwood. Whether you're looking for a great place to send your kids to school or you're simply looking for a community that values education, living in Sherwood and being in the Sherwood School district is an excellent choice.

Thinking of relocating to Sherwood? For more information on the Sherwood Schools, boundaries, and rankings, check out the Sherwood School District and Great Schools links in the link section below.

Sherwood High School Football Field and Track

Living in Sherwood Oregon - Photo by Rob Thomason

Top Businesses & Employers in Sherwood

If you're considering moving to Sherwood, Oregon, you'll be interested to know more about the state of the economy in the city and what job opportunities await. For those living in Sherwood, there are plenty of options to choose from, but the main industries in the city include finance and insurance, education, tech services, and health care.

Plus, living in Sherwood puts you a 30-minute drive to Portland's tech hub, Silicon Forest. Many residents living in Sherwood choose to commute to work. Plus, Nike, the state's largest employer, is one town over. 

Some of the top tech employers in the area include:

  • H.P

  • IBM

  • Accenture

Sherwood is a great place to live for those who want access to top employers in a variety of industries.

Top Destinations & Attractions in Sherwood

This hidden gem of a city offers an extensive amount of indoor activities, outdoor recreation, and things to do. From parks such as Snyder Park to cozy coffee shops, wide-open green spaces, and so much more, the small city is big on entertainment.

For those who love getting outside and appreciate a glass of vino, there are several amazing vineyards and wineries in the area, including Ponzi Vineyards, Blakeslee Vineyard Estate, and Hawks View Winery. These beautiful areas offer up picture-perfect views, delicious and finely crafted wines, and the perfect opportunity to socialize and unwind.

Below are a few of the local attractions for those living in Sherwood or the surrounding areas:

Magness Memorial Tree Farm

Magness Memorial Tree Farm is a must for any visitor or resident of Sherwood who loves to explore. With an amazing trail system and natural surroundings, you'll get up close and personal with birds and other wildlife for an educational and inspirational experience. There are also several parks and green spaces to enjoy.

Langer's Entertaiment Center in Sherwood Oregon

Living in Sherwood Oregon - Photo by Todd Davidson

Langer's Entertainment Center

If you're looking for a fun time for the whole family, there's no better spot than Langer's Entertainment Center. Whether you're taking the kiddos out, meeting up for date night, or just looking to relax after a hectic work week, Langer's can help you out! With bowling, arcade games, rock climbing, and so much more, you'll never hear the word "bored" at this exciting local hot spot. If living in Sherwood or the surrounding areas, you must check Langer's out.

Railroad Street Antique Mall

More unique yet, the Railroad Street Antique Mall is full of special treasures, vintage items, and unique finds. If you're looking for something different, you'll be able to find it here. Sherwood is filled with eclectic shops and interesting local businesses, so be sure to take some time to explore all that the city has to offer!

Pros and Cons of Living in Sherwood Oregon

Living in Sherwood Pros

  1. The Schools: Sherwood schools are consistently ranked top 5 in Oregon. Many people looking to move to Sherwood do so because of the great schools. In the most recent school year, 97% of seniors in Sherwood public schools graduated. Well above the 80% state-wide average.

  2. Great Downtown / Events:  Sherwood has a great downtown area. Old Town Sherwood has a ton of great businesses, is very walkable, and has many events each year. From the Farmers Market, Crusin' Sherwood, Clancy's St Patrick's Day Festival, Robin Hood Festival, Holidays in Old Town, and many more, there is plenty of action downtown. If you live in Sherwood, get to Old Town Sherwood and check it out.   

  3. Great for Kid's: Sherwood is a great town if you have kids. Between the different community parks and master-planned neighborhoods, they've made it safe and bikeable for the kids there. You can turn your kid loose with their friends and know they are safe living in Sherwood.  

  4. The Neighborhoods: The Sherwood neighborhoods are fantastic. Most are walkable and bikeable with good access to parks and other green spaces. If your considering a move to Sherwood, the quality and safety of the Sherwood neighborhoods should check a lot of boxes for you.

Living in Sherwood Cons

  1. Rain/Weather: Sherwood is a beautiful city with abundant green space, trees, plants, and flowers spread throughout the city. The beautiful scenery you're surrounded by if you live in Sherwood comes with a price. Sherwood gets some sort of precipitation 147 days a year, averaging a total of 42 inches of rain. The 142 sunny days Sherwood gets a year are pretty amazing and make living in Sherwood worth it. The weather is often the most challenging thing for someone relocating to Sherwood or most of the northwest, to get used to.

  2. Location to a Major Freeway: Living in Sherwood, you do not have direct access to I-5, the major freeway that takes you into Portland. You need to take Tualatin-Sherwood road through Tualatin or Highway 99 through Tigard to get there. If you plan to move to Sherwood and need to drive on I-5 during peak commute time, you can plan on an additional 15-20 minutes of drive time most days. 

  3. Lack of Available Housing: Available housing is in short supply, and it's very competitive if you are looking to move to Sherwood and buy a home or rent. If you want to buy a house, you need to be prepared and work with a good mortgage broker to get pre-approved, as well as a good realtor. For Mortgage Info, reach out to me. I grew up in the Portland Metro area and know it well, and I lived in Sherwood for many years. I'm available 24/7 to answer any questions about Sherwood and help you get pre-approved for a mortgage. I also have several good realtors I work with if you need an introduction, and together we can make living in Sherwood a reality for you.

FAQs About Moving to and Living in Sherwood Oregon

What is Sherwood, Oregon, known for?

Sherwood, Oregon, is quickly becoming one of the top wine destinations in the Willamette Valley. With seven vineyard-estate wineries and more on the way, Sherwood is the perfect place for a vino-cation. The region's mild climate and diverse soils make it ideal for growing a variety of grape varieties, and the wineries in Sherwood are producing some truly exceptional wines. Whether you're a red wine lover or you prefer white, you're sure to find something to suit your taste at one of Sherwood's many wineries.  

What is there to do if you're living in Sherwood, Oregon?

If you are living in Sherwood, Oregon, not only are there many parks and community events to keep you busy in the city, but living in Sherwood, Oregon, you are surrounded by wineries, rivers, mountains, and the ocean. Not only that, Sherwood has a great downtown that's very walkable with lots of businesses to patronize. Also, Oregon's largest city, Portland is 20 minutes away so you've got some big city amenities close by. There are a lot of fun things to do and see if you're living in Sherwood, Oregon.

What is the weather like in Sherwood, Oregon?

When considering moving to Sherwood, or any new city, you want to consider what the weather is like. Living in Sherwood, Oregon, you can expect typical Pacific Northwest weather–a bit of sun, a bit of warmth, and a bunch of rain. There are about 42 inches of rain that falls in Sherwood per year. The good news is, this does wonders for the landscapes! Lush, green grounds as far as the eye can see!

In the summer, the average temperatures fall between 76-84 degrees Fahrenheit, and you'll find it's quite dry from June to September. The winter cools down to anywhere from 35-46 degrees Fahrenheit, and you'll find it to be damp all winter long. 

I've got young kids. Is living in Sherwood, Oregon, right for me?

If you've got young kids, living in Sherwood, Oregon, is a great decision. The master planned communities in Sherwood all have parks intertwined in them and are extremely bikeable and safe. There's a ton of kids in these neighborhoods for your kids to play with and keep busy. If you're living in Sherwood, Oregon, you can rest assured your kids will have fun, have a little freedom as well as be safe.

Is Sherwood Oregon safe?

Living in Sherwood, Oregon, is very safe. You can look at 20 different articles, and they'll all have a different opinions but having lived in Sherwood myself, I can tell you it is incredibly safe. The great Sherwood neighborhoods, parks, schools, and community events have helped forge a very safe and connected community. Sherwood is a beautiful place to live!

What cities are near by Sherwood, Oregon?

Just outside of Sherwood are plenty of small towns and cities that are worth exploring.  Tualatin is 4.2 miles away and features the beautiful Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge. Tigard is 6 miles away and has a lively downtown area with a variety of shops and restaurants. Newberg is 8.7 miles away, known for its many wineries. Beaverton is 9 miles away and is known for its many parks and green spaces. West Linn is 11 miles away and has a scenic waterfront area along the Willamette River. And last but not least, Portland is only 22.5 miles away and offers an endless array of things to do and see, from art galleries and museums to food carts and farmers' markets. To check out other Portland Metro Cities.

I want to move to Sherwood, Oregon.  How do I make it happen?

  1. Do your research. Learn about the different neighborhoods in Sherwood and find the one that's right for you. Talk to current residents about their experience living in Sherwood and get insights into what day-to-day life is like.

  2. Join our Facebook Group > Moving to Oregon. This is the perfect place to ask questions and get answers from a community of experts that know the area as well as people who have recently moved to Sherwood or other areas. You should get a real insight into what it's like living in Sherwood Oregon through this knowledgeable group.

  3. If you’re looking to buy a home in the Sherwood area, getting pre-approved for a mortgage should be your first step. For Mortgage Info, reach out to me. I would be honored to help you move to Sherwood and buy a home.

Is Sherwood Oregon a good place to live?

The answer to this is different for everyone and depends on your circumstance. For many living in Sherwood Oregon is tough to beat. Hopefully the information in this article has answered the question "is Sherwood Oregon a good place to live?" for you.

For FAQs about moving to Oregon or living in Oregon, check out my blog, 31 FAQs About Living in Oregon. For more information about living in Oregon, check out the homepage of LIVING IN OREGON.

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