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Living in Happy Valley Oregon - EVERYTHING You Need to Know 

Happy Valley Oregon

Are you Living in or Considering Moving to Happy Valley, Oregon?

Are you interested in moving to and living in Happy Valley, Oregon? The city of Happy Valley, Oregon, is located about 10 miles southeast of downtown Portland and has a population of just over 25,000 residents. Living in Happy Valley puts you close to a big city, Portland, which gives you reasonable access to jobs and vibrant city life. Yet living in Happy Valley, you also get a little smaller town feel, and gorgeous hiking trails and massive parks surround you. 

If you are considering moving to Happy Valley, Oregon, know it is one of the safer suburbs of Portland. The abundance of parks and trails, along with restaurants and shopping in the area, make Happy Valley a great place to live. You also might be surprised to find out how convenient living in Happy Valley is. Living in Happy Valley puts you within commutable distance to Portland and a short drive to the Portland International Airport. Read on, and you'll see why moving to Happy Valley, Oregon, might be a good decision for you.

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Public Schools in Happy Valley Oregon

One of the most important considerations if you are considering moving to Happy Valley, Oregon, would be the schools. Students living in Happy Valley attend schools in the North Clackamas School District. The district has 16,458 students in grades PK, K-12, with a student-teacher ratio of 19 to 1. For 2021 88% of seniors graduated, a record for the school district and well above the state average of 80%. ranks North Clackamas School District 25th out of160 in the state of Oregon and as the third best school district in Clackamas County. So rest assured if you are considering moving to Happy Valley, Oregon, your kids will have the opportunity to get a good education.

If you're moving to Happy Valley, Oregon, and have little ones at home, be sure to check out the school rankings and boundaries of the North Clackamas School District to find out which schools your kiddos will become a part of. For more information on the Happy Valley Schools, rankings and boundaries, check out the North Clackamas School District, Niche and Great Schools links in the Moving to and Living in Happy Valley Links section below.

Top Destinations & Attractions in Happy Valley

If you're looking for a mix of big-city and small-town vibes, living in Happy Valley may be perfect for you. With plenty of things to do and see, it's no wonder more and more people continue to move to Happy Valley.

Some of the more popular things to do in Happy Valley include:

Mount Talbert Nature Park

This four-mile network of trails is the longest in a string of extinct volcanoes and lava domes that extends across the east side of the region.  While you are checking out the views and enjoying a picnic, you might see deer, Western gray squirrels, White-breasted Nuthataches, Western Tangers, and Hairy Woodpeckers. Mount Talbert Nature Park is a great day adventure for anyone who lives in Happy Valley. For more info: Mount Talbert Nature Park Info

Mount Talbert Nature Park in Happy Valley Oregon
Mt Hood Tap Trail

Mt. Hood Territory Tap Trail 

The Mt. Hood Territory Tap Trail takes craft beverage lovers on a journey throughout the region, where they can sample beer, cider, and even spirits from some of the most talented makers out there. Clackamas and Happy Valley are home to three stops on the trail, giving you plenty of opportunities to try some of these great beverages. If you live in Happy Valley and enjoy an adult beverage or two you've got to give this a try. For more info: Mt. Hood Territory Tap Trail

Escape Room

You are missing out if you've never tried an escape room! They are a great way to have some together time while putting all those puzzle-solving skills you've developed to good use. Great for families, team-building, birthday parties, and other fun events. MindTrix has three different options, from easy to medium difficulty. There's School of Magic, Tesla's Mystery, and The Time Machine. Try all three and see if you can beat the best times. MindTrix is Located inside the Clackamas Town Center, giving you some additional options for things to do once you've made your escape. If you're living in Happy Valley, you need to check it out! For more Info: MindTrix Escape Room

Escape Room

Hidden Falls Nature Park

You may not expect to find a gorgeous waterfall in a city, but they're just happens to be one if you live in  Happy Valley, at Hidden Falls Nature Park. You'll wind through verdant forest, helping you to forget you're just moments from civilization. The fall itself is a beautiful cascade viewed from above via a wooden bridge. Younger kids who aren't ready for longer hikes yet? This hike is those who may not be able to go for big hikes yet, but still love to get outdoors. If you need more stability, know that the pathway to the falls, while paved, is steep in some locations. For More Info: Neighborhood Parks

FAQs About Living in Happy Valley Oregon

What is Happy Valley Known for?

Happy Valley is known for being located on top of Mt Scott, an extinct volcano. It's home to Clackamas Town Center, one of the biggest and oldest malls in the Portland area. Lastly, it's known for being one of the fastest growing and most desirable towns to move to in the Portland Metro area.

What cities are nearby Happy Valley?

Happy Valley is surrounded by the cities of West Linn, Oregon City, Milwaukie, Gresham, Gladstone, Damascus, and Portland. One of the reasons so many people love Happy Valley is that it is conveniently located about 10 minutes from downtown Portland, Oregon. To check out other Portland Metro Cities.

What is the weather like in Happy Valley?

If you're looking to move to Happy Valley, Oregon, get used to the rain. It rains on average, 48 inches a year. The beautiful trees and green spaces don't happen without a little rain. Throughout the year the temperature averages between 35 and 84 degrees and the city gets sunshine on average 142 days a year. Often the weather is one of the tougher adjustments for anyone moving to Happy Valley.


Does Happy Valley Oregon have good public schools?

If you are looking to move to Happy Valley, Oregon, you can rest easy knowing the schools are very good. The North Clackamas School District is one of the better school districts in Oregon. For the most recent year, 88% of seniors graduated, compared to 80% state-wide. This represented a record for the school district. ranked the North Clackamas School District as #25 in the state of Oregon.

Is Happy Valley, Oregon, a good place to live?

In my opinion yes! With a great location, fantastic community, excellent schools, and wonderful surroundings, living in Happy Valley, Oregon, would be a great option for most people. But the answer to this is up to your interpretation. There are many pros and likely a few cons to living in Happy Valley, Oregon. So ultimately it's up to you to decide if Happy Valley, Oregon, is a good place to live. Hopefully the information in this article has helped answer the question "is Happy Valley Oregon a good place to live?" for you.

Is Happy Valley, Oregon, safe?

Happy Valley, Oregon, is a very safe place to live. Being outside a bigger city, insulates it from some of the homeless and property crime issues larger cities deal with. With crime rates well below the national average, you'll feel very safe living in Happy Valley, Oregon.

I want to relocate to Happy Valley.  How do I make it happen?

If you're looking to move to Happy Valley, you've come to the right spot. We've got an abundance of information on this website and page to help, including some helpful links below with other information you'll need. If you want to ask questions, try our Facebook Group > Moving to Oregon, where we have a broad group of locals to answer any question you can think of. If you're looking to move to Happy Valley and buy a home, getting pre-approved for a mortgage should be your first step. For Mortgage Info, reach out to me. I have lived in Oregon for most of my life and would love to tell you all about living in Happy Valley as well as help you with your mortgage. I've also got great realtor connections thought the area and can facilitate a connection if needed. Together we can make living in Happy Valley, Oregon, a reality for you.

For FAQs about moving to Oregon or living in Oregon, check out my blog, 31 FAQs About Living in Oregon. For more information about living in Oregon, check out the homepage of LIVING IN OREGON.

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