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Living in Canby Oregon - EVERYTHING You Need to Know

What is Living in Canby Oregon Like?

Canby, Oregon, is a vibrant and growing community. With a population of nearly 19,000 today, it sits 25 miles south of Oregon's largest city, Portland. Situated in the northern Willamette Valley, living in Canby, you are surrounded by some of the state's most fertile soil and land. The community is easily accessible, with I-5, Highway 99E, and I-205 close by, making it fairly easy to commute in and out of the city for those who live in Canby, Oregon.

Those living in Canby, Oregon, have many recreational opportunities close by. The area has numerous parks, including Champoeg State Park, Willamette Mission State Park, Maud Williamson State Park, and Milo McIver State Park. The Portland Children's Museum, the Oregon History Center, the American Advertising Museum, and the Rail Depot Museum are popular local tourist spots. The Clackamas County Fairgrounds are located in Canby, where the annual Clackamas County Fair and Rodeo has been held since 1907. One of the year's most significant events, the Clackamas County Fair, is a week-long event with family-friendly activities like amusement rides, livestock exhibits, competitions, live entertainment from three stages, locally handmade goods and produce, and a Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association Rodeo. Rodeo Cowboys from all over hit this part of the circuit with pride and admiration. 

Anyone living in Canby, Oregon, will tell you the Canby Farmers Market is one of the best in the state. It has many local goods, including fruit, veggies, flowers, coffee, cakes, crafts, live music, beer, and wine tasting. So pretty much everything you need from a farmers market you'll find at the Canby Farmers Market. They're open every Saturday from September 30th. 

If you're looking to move to a city that's a little slower-paced, gives you a bit more room, gives you a ton of stuff to do, and is pretty close to a major city, then  you'll find that Canby, Oregon, is a very nice place to live. To learn more about what living in Canby, Oregon, is like, read on for info on Canby Schools, things to do, and even some answers to FAQs about living in Canby. You'll see Canby, Oregon, is truly a remarkable city!

The Moving to Canby Oregon Team

Let our team of trusted professionals help you buy or/and sell a home in Canby, Oregon. Elizabeth Davidson has sold real estate in Canby, Oregon, for over 12 years. Her knowledge of Canby and the surrounding areas will be of great value as you navigate this challenging real estate market. To learn more about Elizabeth, CLICK HERE to check out her About Me video. If you're considering buying a home in Canby, Oregon, CLICK HERE to sign up for Listing Alert. Just enter the price range and other criteria you're looking for, and you'll receive an email as new homes hit the market in Canby that match your criteria.


Todd Davidson is an experienced mortgage broker and can help you get the best financing option for your home purchase. Not quite ready yet? Todd can help you put together a plan to get you there. Whether you're thinking a few months or a year or more if you want to buy a home in Canby, Oregon, CLICK HERE to email Todd and set a call to get the process started or just call him at 971-275-2465. Together our Moving to Canby team can help you make moving to or within Canby, Oregon, a reality!

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What is the Cost of Living in Canby Oregon?

Are you looking to move to Canby, Oregon? The cost of living would likely play a significant part in your decision-making. If you account for today's prices for housing (rent and own), utilities, food, transportation, healthcare, and other necessities, the REAL cost of living in Canby, Oregon, and rent would be $51,000 a year. To live in Canby, Oregon, and buy a home, you must make $74,000 a year. Rental amount is based on current low end cost of studio or one bedroom, purchase is based on recent low end sales of a three bedroom and monthly payment with 20% down. 

Cost of Living

Living in Canby Oregon Tips/Info/Blog Posts

Helpful Tips for Moving to Oregon and Buying a Home







Public Schools in Canby

If you're considering a move to Canby, Oregon, and you've got school-aged children, then the public schools would be of great importance to you. Living in Canby, Oregon, residents attend Canby Public Schools. With an 18 to 1 student-to-teacher ratio, Canby had an 86% graduation rate for the most recent school year, above the state average. Ranked the 37th best school district in the state, Canby got a B grade or better in all the categories that grades for, including Academics, Teachers, College Prep and Sports, to name a few. If you are looking to move to and live in Canby, Oregon, you can rest assured that your children will have an excellent school district to attend public school. If looking to move to Canby and wanting to do more research on the schools, there is a link below in the Moving to Canby Links section below for the Canby School District website.

Canby Oregon Neighborhoods

If you're considering moving to Canby, Oregon, you'll want to take a look at some of the great Canby, Oregon, neighborhoods. Below are a few of the best:

  • North Canby: This is the more established part of Canby and is located north of downtown. It features a mix of older homes and newer developments, with tree-lined streets and a friendly community feel.

  • Knight Pointe: This is a newer development in Canby and features modern homes with high-end finishes. It is located near shopping and dining options and is perfect for those who want a more upscale lifestyle.

  • Willamette Farms: This is a family-friendly neighborhood located on the southern end of Canby. It features a mix of single-family homes and townhomes, with plenty of parks and playgrounds for kids.

  • Canby Heights: This is a hilltop neighborhood that offers beautiful views of the surrounding area. It features a mix of mid-century and newer homes and is perfect for those who want a more secluded, private feel.

  • Tofte Farms: This is a newer development in Canby that features large, spacious homes with modern amenities. It is located near parks and schools and is perfect for families who want a little more space to spread out.

If moving to Canby, Oregon, and you'd like to buy a home in one of these fabulous neighborhoods, CLICK HERE to sign up for LISTING ALERT and get notified when homes matching your criteria hit the market in Canby. To connect with a local realtor, CLICK HERE. One of the most important decisions you'll make when moving to Canby, Oregon, is picking an experienced realtor who can help you get the house you want at the best price. At living in Oregon, we work with the best realtors throughout the state and can help you get the right realtor to make your move and home purchase as easy as possible.

Top Destinations & Attractions in Canby

Nestled between the Portland Metro Area and Willamette Valley, living in Canby, Oregon, puts you in a fantastic spot and gives you access to a lot of activities. You won't run out of things to do living in Canby, Oregon. Below are just a few:

Molalla River State Park

If you are visiting or living in Canby, Oregon, and looking for scenic and easy hiking trails, Molalla River State Park is a great spot. Located at the confluence of the Willamette, Pudding, and Molalla Rivers, the floodplains in the park make an excellent habitat for birds and other wildlife in the area. With picnic grounds and an off-leash dog park, it's a perfect spot for the entire family, including man's best friend!

Pat's Acres Racing Complex

Whether you are a hardcore racer or have never gotten in a kart before, you're sure to have a blast at Pat's Acres Racing Complex. With karts that hit speeds of up to 50 mph in the straightaways and plenty of twists and turns to test your driving ability, if you're visiting or living in Canby, Oregon, you've got to check it out. 

Clackamas County Fair and Rodeo
Pat's Acres Racing Complex

Clackamas County Fair and Rodeo

Each year in mid-August, Canby welcomes the Clackamas County Fair and Rodeo to town. With carnival rides, animals, exhibitions, and an abundance of fried foods, to go along with the rodeo action each night, the Clackamas County Fair is fun for the whole family. 

Canby Ferry

The Canby Ferry is a relic from the past. In service since 1914, the Canby Ferry is one of three remaining Ferries in the state. The cable ferry that crosses the Willamette River connects Canby and Wilsonville. Why take a bridge when, for $3 a person and $5 per vehicle, you can take a leisurely cruise across the Willamette River?

Living in Canby Oregon Pros & Cons

Living in Canby Oregon Pros

  1. Small-town atmosphere: Canby offers a tight-knit community feel with friendly residents and a strong sense of community spirit.

  2. Beautiful surroundings: The city is located in the picturesque Willamette Valley, surrounded by stunning landscapes, including farmland, vineyards, and the Willamette River.

  3. Access to nature: Canby provides easy access to outdoor activities, such as hiking, fishing, boating, and wildlife observation, thanks to its proximity to several parks, including Molalla River State Park and Canby Community Park.

  4. Agricultural heritage: Canby has a rich agricultural heritage, and residents can enjoy fresh, locally grown produce from nearby farms and participate in seasonal events like farmers' markets and festivals.

  5. Great schools: Canby boasts excellent public schools, with dedicated teachers and a strong focus on education. The Canby School District is known for providing quality academic programs and extracurricular activities.

  6. Safe community: Canby has a relatively low crime rate, making it a safe place to live and raise a family.

  7. Cultural events: The city hosts various cultural events and festivals throughout the year, including the Canby Independence Day Celebration, the Clackamas County Fair, and the Canby Wine, Food & Brew.

  8. Close proximity to Portland: Canby is located just 22 miles south of Portland, providing easy access to the city's amenities, including shopping, dining, entertainment, and employment opportunities.

  9. Local businesses: Canby supports a thriving local business community, with unique shops, boutiques, and restaurants that add to the city's charm.

  10. Community engagement: Canby encourages community involvement and offers numerous volunteer opportunities, allowing residents to actively contribute to the betterment of the city and forge meaningful connections with fellow community members.

Living in Canby Oregon Cons

  1. Limited job opportunities: Canby may have fewer job opportunities compared to larger cities, and residents may need to commute to nearby areas for work.

  2. Lack of diversity: Canby has a predominantly homogeneous population, which may result in limited cultural diversity and experiences.

  3. Limited entertainment options: The city has a smaller selection of entertainment venues, nightlife, and recreational facilities compared to larger urban areas.

  4. Traffic congestion: Canby's proximity to Portland can lead to traffic congestion during peak hours, especially when commuting to and from the city.

  5. Higher cost of living: While not as expensive as larger cities, the cost of living in Canby can be relatively higher compared to some other areas in Oregon.

  6. Limited shopping options: Canby has a smaller retail scene, which may result in limited choices when it comes to shopping for certain goods or brands.

  7. Lack of major medical facilities: Canby may not have the same range of specialized medical facilities and services as larger cities, which could require residents to travel for certain healthcare needs.

  8. Seasonal weather variations: While the Pacific Northwest offers beautiful scenery, it is known for frequent rain and overcast skies, which may not appeal to everyone.

  9. Limited dining options: While Canby does have some local dining establishments, the variety and diversity of cuisines may be more limited compared to larger urban areas.

  10. Distance from airport: If you need to travel by plane, though not that far away, you're not super close to the Portland International Airport. It could take an hour or more to get there during heavy traffic.

Willamette Valley Field

FAQs About Moving to and Living in Canby Oregon

What is Canby known for?

The Canby Ferry crosses the Willamette River connecting Canby to Wilsonville. It's been in operation since 1914. It's one of three remaining ferries in operation in Oregon. Whether you live in Canby or the surrounding areas, there's a good chance you know about and have ridden the Canby Ferry at one time or another.

What is the weather like in Canby, Oregon?

Living in Canby, Oregon, you'll get around 43 inches of rain per year. The average high during the heart of summer is about 82 degrees Fahrenheit. During the winter months, the average low is about 36 degrees Fahrenheit. August, July, and September are the most comfortable months in Canby, while December and January are the least pleasant. 

What cities are nearby Canby, Oregon?

Living in Canby, Oregon, you're conveniently located near several other cities, including Wilsonville, SherwoodTigard, Tualatin, Lake Oswego, West Linn, Oregon City, and Portland (24 miles away). So Canby residents are never far from something to do in and outside of Canby. In addition, the easy access to a major city such as Portland gives residents in this small town access to world-class dining and shopping and an abundance of cultural attractions. There is always something to do in Portland. And with Canby's convenient location, residents are never more than a short drive away. To check out other Portland Metro CitiesFor a list and links for other Willamette Valley cities.

Is Canby, Oregon, a safe place to live?

Yes. This small, close-knit town is extremely safe. With a location just far enough outside of a major city, it's immune to many of the issues you see in larger cities such as Portland or Salem. With crime rates well below the national average, you'll feel very safe living in Canby, Oregon.

I want to move to Canby, Oregon? How do I make that happen?

The information on this website will help you research and prepare for your move to Canby, Oregon. We have other resources, including our Facebook Group > Moving to Oregon, where we have a large community of people spread throughout the state to ask questions to and who are eager to answer. You will find yourself surrounded by others going through similar challenges that can provide support during their own transitions, so don't hesitate to ask away if needed as there's plenty of experts on moving to and living in Canby, Oregon, to help!! 


If you are looking to move to Canby and purchase a home, CONTACT me directly. The first step would be to get pre-approved for a mortgage. I am a Mortgage Broker, and I would love to assist you and your family with all your mortgage needs during this exciting time! If you just want to to research home prices and homes for sale in Canby, Oregon, CLICK HERE. No info or login needed to see all the homes for sale in Canby, Oregon, currently. 

What neighborhoods should I look at if I'm moving to Canby, Oregon? 

If moving to or living in Canby, Oregon, you'll find four neighborhood Associations - Riverside, Northeast, Southwest and Southeast. CLICK HERE to check out the neighborhood association website. Canby, Oregon, is a great city and no matter the neighborhood you'll find it's very tight-knit and friendly community.

Is Canby, Oregon, a good place to live?

In my opinion yes! It's a small and growing town that is close to a wide variety of things to do. Living in Canby, Oregon, puts you in the middle of a lot of activities, great golf courses, wineries, the coast, and Mt. Hood, are all close by. Not to mention all the great things to do in Canby. But the answer to this is up to your interpretation. There are certainly pros and cons of living in Canby, Oregon. Hopefully the information in this article has answered the question "is Canby Oregon a good place to live?" for you.

For FAQs about moving to Oregon or living in Oregon, check out my blog, 31 FAQs About Living in Oregon. For more information about living in Oregon, check out the homepage of LIVING IN OREGON.

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