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Living in Klamath Falls Oregon - EVERYTHING You Need to Know

Upper Klamath Lake

Is Klamath Falls Oregon a Good Place to Live?

When it comes to moving to Oregon, many people think of Portland first. But there's a lot more to this state than its biggest city. Well south of Portland is Klamath Falls, Oregon, a smaller city with a lot to offer. Those who live in Klamath Falls, Oregon, call it the "City of Sunshine" because it gets more sunny days than any other city in Oregon. 

The residents of Klamath Falls, Oregon, have many events throughout the year to help create a sense of togetherness amongst community members. Some popular events include the Winter Wings Festival, the Fourth of July Parade and Fireworks Display, and the Klamath County Fair. All of these events and more contribute to the unique atmosphere that can be found living in Klamath Falls, Oregon.

Living in Klamath Falls you'll find it's a great place to enjoy the outdoors, with several city parks and easy access to hiking and biking trails. And if you're looking for a slower pace of life, you'll definitely find it living in Klamath Falls, Oregon. The comfortable county charm sets the perfect backdrop for a relaxed lifestyle. If you are considering relocating to Klamath Falls, read on to discover more about Klamath Falls schools, neighborhoods, housing, things to do, and much more. Hopefully we can answer the question you likely have if you're researching Klamath Falls, "Is Klamath Falls Oregon a good place to live?"

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What's Living in Klamath Falls Oregon Like?

Those who live in Klamath Falls will tell you it's the hidden gem in Southern Oregon. Just north of the California border, over 20,000 people call this unique city home, enjoying close proximity to both urban conveniences and natural splendor. Klamath Falls is situated on the shore of Upper Klamath Lake, allowing residents to enjoy lakeside strolls and picnics in the summer months. And in the winter, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are popular pastimes for those living in Klamath Falls, Oregon. 

The real estate market is surprisingly affordable, and the neighborhoods in Klamath Falls are off the charts, making it an attractive option for families and retirees interested in moving to and living in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Whether you're looking for an urban escape or a place to enjoy rural living, the Klamath Falls community is sure to amaze you. Living in Klamath Falls, Oregon, might be a dream come true for you.

Field in Klamath Falls Oregon

Living in Oregon Tips/Info/FAQs

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Housing in Klamath Falls Oregon

Thinking of moving to Klamath Falls, Oregon, and buying a home? Klamath Falls is commonly known for its single-family homes, which make up the majority of the homes in the city. There are also condos, townhomes, and a few apartments for those looking to move to Klamath Falls. The median home price in the area is around $300,000. Depending on the size and location of the home, values can vary dramatically. In addition to the readily available homes, there is also a decent amount of vacant land you could build on. You'll find living in Klamath Falls, Oregon, and buying a home, more affordable than other areas in the state.

House in Klamath Falls Oregon

Best Neighborhoods in Klamath Falls Oregon

Finding a place to call home in Klamath Falls is easy, as there are several great neighborhoods in Klamath Falls to choose from. But what one is suitable for you? It depends on what you're looking for. Here are a few recommended neighborhoods if you want to move to Klamath Falls, Oregon.

Downtown Klamath

Downtown Klamath is a charming neighborhood that offers a unique blend of apartments that overlook the main street, craftsman or Victorian style homes, community theaters, and so much more. This close-knit Klamath Falls neighborhood provides residents with everything they need, from grocery stores and restaurants to coffee shops and boutiques. In the center of this Klamath Falls neighborhood is a city park, which is excellent for picnics or simply taking a stroll. There's certainly a lot of amenities at your finger tips living in downtown Klamath Falls, Oregon!

Downtown Klamath Falls and Lake Ewauna

Living in Klamath Falls Oregon - Lake Ewauna and Downtown Klamath Falls


Located west of Main Street, the Lynnewood neighborhood in Klamath Falls, Oregon, is a hidden gem tucked among tall trees. This Klamath Falls neighborhood consists mainly of larger family homes in various styles. Many homes have well-maintained gardens, and there is a sense of community pride amongst those living in this Klamath Falls neighborhood.

Those wanting to live in a quiet, nature-filled neighborhood in Klamath Falls, Oregon, should take a long look at Lynnewood, as it would be a great option. The area is home to abundant wildlife, with deer, squirrels, and birds roaming around. Residents often see these animals walking through their yards or perched in the trees. 

Pacific Terrace

If you want to live in Klamath Falls, Oregon, in a more well-established neighborhood, you'll want to check out Pacific Terrace. This Klamath Falls neighborhood is comprised primarily craftsman-style family homes and is generally relatively quiet.

One thing that makes Pacific Terrace so special is the abundance of shade trees throughout the neighborhood. These trees provide a welcome respite from the hot summer sun, and they also help to make this lovely Klamath Falls neighborhood feel more secluded and private.

Living in Klamath Falls Oregon

Nob Hill

Located on the northwest side of Klamath Falls, the Nob Hill neighborhood in Klamath Falls has room to grow. This Klamath Falls neighborhood is five minutes from the Oregon Institute of Technology and Sky Lakes Medical Center. And a six-minute drive in the other direction, and you'll reach Downtown Klamath Falls. These larger homes are located near the top of Hogback. You'll find that the roads leading up can be pretty steep and a challenge when it gets icy. But with the beautiful views of Klamath Lake and the sunset over the western mountains, living in this Klamath Falls neighborhood is worth it. 

Running Y Ranch

This large resort community in Klamath Falls boasts a golf course, miles of paths, horseback riding, and much more. With resort shops, a small market, a salon, spa, private pool, fitness center, and several restaurants, this resort community in Klamath Falls is great for retirees and families. Situated just a 16-minute drive from Downtown Klamath Falls, the Running Y is comprised of townhomes, chalets, and spectacular custom homes.

10th Hole at Running Y Ranch in Klamath Falls Oregon

Living in Klamath Falls Oregon - Running Y Golf Course

Other neighborhoods to consider if moving to Klamath Falls, Oregon:

  • North Hills

  • Harbor Isles

  • Sierra Heights

  • Moyina Heights

If you want more information on what living in Klamath Falls is like or want information on Klamath Falls neighborhoods or homes, contact a member of our Moving to Klamath Falls, Oregon Team. We would love to answer any questions about living in Klamath Falls, Oregon, and aid in any way we can if you'd like to buy a home in this great town. Together we can make living in Klamath Falls, Oregon, a reality for you.

Public Schools in Klamath Falls

Is Klamath Falls Oregon a good place to live? If you've got young children the schools in Klamath Falls will play a big part in answering this for you. Students living in Klamath Falls, Oregon, are served by the Klamath Falls County School District, which serves over 6,800 students in 22 different school locations. The district offers a variety of programs and services to its students, including a rigorous academic program, a range of extracurricular activities, and a commitment to community service. Klamath Falls is also home to several private schools, which offer alternative education for families who are looking for a different educational experience.


Some of the best public schools for those living in Klamath Falls, Oregon, include:

  • Ferguson Elementary School

  • Peterson Elementary School

  • Brixner Junior High School

  • Henley High School

  • Mazama High School

For more information on the Klamath Falls Schools, rankings and boundaries, check out the Klamath Falls School District and Great Schools links in the Klamath Falls Links section below.

Klamath Union High School in Klamath Falls Oregon

Living in Klamath Falls Oregon - Klamath Falls High School

Top Businesses & Employers in Klamath Falls

Making sure there are plenty of job opportunities is always important when considering a move to a new city. If you are considering a move to Klamath Falls, Oregon, you'll  be glad to know that there are many local businesses and employers that provide Klamath Falls residents ample employment options. 


The sectors with the highest employment levels are health care, retail trade, timber, social assistance, and manufacturing. 


Some of the top employers for those living in Klamath Falls, Oregon, include:

  • Jeld-Wen

  • Sky Lakes Medical Center

  • Klamath Community College

  • Cell Tech International

  • Masami Foods

Top Destinations, Attractions and Events in Klamath Falls

Some consider the Klamath Falls community to be one big outdoor adventure, but that's not all this city has to offer. The small town is also home to a variety of different attractions and destinations that will give those visiting or living in Klamath Falls, Oregon, plenty to do and see.

From the many parks and trails to the specialty shopping, local cafes, museums, and more, it is unlikely you will ever find yourself bored if visiting or living in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Listed below are some of the most talked-about attractions in the vicinity that will leave you coming back for more.

Trails in Klamath Falls

Klamath Falls is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, boasting a surplus of trails to explore. The Link River Trail is one of the most popular trails and is perfect for a leisurely stroll or a vigorous hike. The trail is around 2 miles and takes you along the Link River, offering views of Upper Klamath Lake.


Another great option is the OC and E Woods Line State Trail, which is about 100 miles long and perfect for biking, hiking, or horseback riding. This trail goes through a variety of different landscapes, including forests, wetlands, and grasslands.


A few more excellent hiking trails include:

  • Klamath Geo Trail

  • Hogback Mountain

  • Sutherland Trail

LInk River Trail in Klamath Falls Oregon
Lake Ewauna in Klamath Falls Oregon.jpg

Living in Klamath Falls Oregon - Lake Ewauna 

Experience the Shores of Lake Ewauna

Lake Ewauna is a large reservoir located on the south side of downtown. Its shoreline is dotted with trails perfect for an evening stroll or a morning jog, and its waters are popular with boaters and anglers alike.

But perhaps the most unique thing about Lake Ewauna is its sunset. Every evening, as the sun dips below the horizon, it casts a beautiful pink-and-orange glow over the water. It's no wonder that this scenic spot is the most popular places to watch the sunset if living in Klamath Falls Oregon.

Explore The Museums in Klamath Falls

The Klamath County Museum: The Klamath County Museum is Oregon's region's main history museum. It is located in a beautiful old building on the edge of downtown. The museum tells the story of the native cultures that lived in the Klamath Falls area for thousands of years and the pioneers who came to settle in the area in the 1800s. The museum also exhibits the modern timber industry in Oregon, one of the state's main industries.

Baldwin Hotel Museum: The Baldwin Hotel Museum in Klamath Falls is a must-see for anyone visiting or living in Klamath Falls who is interested in history. The 40 artifact-filled rooms are tourable, and the friendly staff is always happy to answer any questions. The different themes of the tour include Native American history, early settler life, the lumber industry, and early 20th-century life. The tour is informative and engaging, and it will entice even the most skeptical of visitors.

Crater Lake National Park

The most famous attraction around Klamath Falls is Crater Lake. Known for its deep blue color and water clarity, Crater Lake is the deepest Lake in the United States. The Lake was formed approximately 7,700 years ago when the Volcano Mount Mazama collapsed. The Lake is filled with rain water and melted snow. There are no rivers flowing in or out of Crater Lake. Crater Lake National Park was established in 1902 and has many trails along with the Lake. Around 500,000 people visit Crater Lake National Park each year, making it the biggest tourist attraction in Oregon.

Crater Lake, near Klamath Falls Oregon

Living in Klamath Falls Oregon - Crater Lake

Pros and Cons of Living in Klamath Falls Oregon

Living in Klamath Falls Pros

  1. The Weather: Living in Klamath Falls, Oregon, isn't like most areas in the state.  It gets 300 days of sun a year and very little rainfall.  It's considered by many to have the best weather in Oregon. Living in Klamath Falls, Oregon, would be much less of an adjustment than you might have in other areas of Oregon.

  2. Affordable:  Housing costs in most areas of Oregon have gone up a lot.  Klamath Falls is still relatively affordable. The median home price is about half the state average. Based on its affordability Klamath Falls is considered by many the next best place to live. With the amazing Klamath Falls neighborhoods and affordable prices no wonder people are choosing to move to Klamath Falls Oregon.

  3. Outdoor Recreation:  The abundance of lakes, hiking, hunting, and other outdoor recreation available to those living in Klamath Falls is pretty awesome. If you're looking for a beautiful town with a lot of outdoor recreation at your fingertips, then living in Klamath Falls, Oregon, might be for you.

  4. Air Quality: The air quality is very good. Living in Klamath Falls, Oregon, you're at 4000 ft so you get that crisp mountain air. It can get smoky during wildfire season but often the smoke goes down into the valley and clears out at the higher elevations. So air quality is much less of an issue living in Klamath Falls than some of the other cities in Southern Oregon.

Living in Klamath Falls Cons

  1. Lack of Shopping: Klamath Falls is small and there's not a lot of shopping beyond grocery stores in the city. Those living in Klamath Falls need to travel into Medford about 80 miles away to make any bigger purchases. For some this might be ok but if you're moving to Klamath Falls from a bigger town you might feel a little isolated. 

  2. Lack of Airport: The closest airport for those living in Klamath Falls is 80 miles away in Medford, and that's a small regional airport. So if living in Klamath Falls and you're looking to travel by plane, expect to make a long day of it. 

  3. Isolation: Living in Klamath Falls, Oregon, can leave you feeling a little isolated at times. You are a five-hour drive from San Francisco to the south, and five hours to the North is Portland. Medford, the closest medium-sized city, is 77 miles away. Otherwise, living in Klamath Falls, you'll find yourself surrounded by wilderness and other rural communities such as Keno, Chiloquin, Malin, Merrill, and Tulelake. Each has its own charm and appeal but lacks the amenities of significant or even medium-sized cities. If peace and quiet and a little isolation are what you're looking for, then living in Klamath Falls, Oregon, might be for you.

  4. The Snow: Living in Klamath Falls, Oregon, might not be a good choice if you don't like snow. With 38 inches of snowfall a year, you'll find yourself plowing your driveway for several months a year living in Klamath Falls. Combine this with the isolation mentioned above, and if you're living in Klamath Falls, Oregon, you might find yourself stuck in Klamath Falls during certain times of the year.

  5. Lack of Available Housing: Available housing is in short supply throughout Oregon, and it's very competitive. If you are looking to move to Klamath Falls and buy a home you need to be prepared and work with a good mortgage broker to get pre-approved, as well as a good realtor. For Mortgage Info contact me. I grew up in Oregon and know it well.  I'm available 24/7 to answer any questions you have about living in Klamath Falls and help you get pre-approved for a mortgage. I also have several good realtors I work with if you need an introduction, and together we can make your move to Klamath Falls, Oregon, easy and stress free.

FAQs About Living in Klamath Falls Oregon

What is Klamath Falls Known for?

Klamath Falls is best known for being the gateway to Crater Lake National Park. The city is also known for its many outdoor recreation opportunities, strong timber industry, and sunny weather.