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Living in Lake Oswego Oregon - EVERYTHING You Need to Know

Oswego Lake in Lake Oswego Oregon

What's Living in Lake Oswego Oregon Like?

Lake Oswego, Oregon, located in Clackamas County, is home to approximately 40,000 people. Located south of Portland, Lake Oswego offers easy access to outdoor activities such as hiking, boating, and skiing. The city is near Interstate 5 and Highway 217, providing easy access to other towns and attractions in the area. Lake Oswego embodies the Pacific Northwest lifestyle with its lush greenery, lake views, and proximity to the Willamette River. The Best of Lake Oswego includes a charming downtown, modern shopping centers, and residential neighborhoods with stunning views of Mt. Hood.

One of the main attractions in Lake Oswego is Millennium Plaza Park, located on the shores of Oswego Lake. Millennium Plaza Park is a picturesque urban park with a large plaza area, a performance stage, a waterfront boardwalk, and a dock. The park hosts concerts, events, and festivals throughout the year. One of the more popular events in Millennium Plaza Park is the Lake Oswego Farmer's Market. The Farmer's Market is one of the more popular in the area and starts in early May and runs through early October each year. You can't talk about Lake Oswego attractions and not mention Oswego Lake. The city's centerpiece, Oswego Lake, offers various recreational activities such as boating, fishing, kayaking, and paddleboarding. Beautiful homes, parks, and walking trails surround the lake. Lake Oswego has several other parks, including George Rogers Park. Westlake Park, and Foothills Park. These parks offer amenities such as playgrounds, sports fields, and picnic areas, providing plenty of opportunities for residents to enjoy the outdoors.

There are  number of large employers in and around Lake Oswego, Oregon, including Nike, its world headquarters in nearby Beaverton, and the Lake Oswego School District, which employs hundreds of teachers and staff members. Other major employers in the area include Providence Health & Services, which operates a hospital and several clinics in the region, and the City of Lake Oswego, which provides a range of municipal services to residents and businesses.

The cost of living in Lake Oswego, Oregon, is much higher than the state and national average. Housing costs are a big contributing factor to the high cost of living in Lake Oswego, as there is significant demand to live in the area. With the beautiful surroundings, excellent schools, and abundant jobs in the area, it is costly to live in Lake Oswego. The average home value in Lake Oswego is just under $900,000. Various housing options are available to meet the needs of varying budgets and lifestyles of Lake Oswego residents, including single-family homes, townhomes, condos, and apartments.


If you're searching for a picturesque town with a strong sense of community, top-rated schools, and easy access to Portland, Lake Oswego, Oregon, is the perfect place! Read on to discover more about living in Lake Oswego, including information about its neighborhoods, schools, cost of living, and some pros and cons of living in this beautiful community. Hopefully, the information in this blog assist you in deciding if Lake Oswego, Oregon, is the ideal place to call home.

The Moving to Lake Oswego Team

Let our team of trusted professionals help you buy or/and sell a home in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Elizabeth Davidson has sold real estate in Lake Oswego, Oregon, for over 12 years. Her knowledge of Lake Oswego and the surrounding areas will be of great value as you navigate this challenging real estate market. To learn more about Elizabeth, CLICK HERE to check out her About Me video. If you're considering buying a home in Lake Oswego, Oregon, CLICK HERE to sign up for Listing Alert to be the first to find out when new homes matching your criteria hit the market. Just enter the price range and other criteria you're looking for, and you'll receive an email as Lake Oswego homes matching your criteria are listed.


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What is the Cost of Living in Lake Oswego Oregon?

Are you thinking about moving to Lake Oswego, Oregon? If so, the cost of living would likely be a significant factor in your decision. I calculated the REAL cost of living in Lake Oswego, Oregon, by factoring in today's costs for housing (rent and own), utilities, food, transportation, healthcare, and other necessities to live. To live in Lake Oswego, Oregon, and rent, you would need to make $52,000 a year. To live in Lake Oswego, Oregon, and buy a home, you would need to make $89,000 a year. Rental amount is based on current low end cost of studio or one bedroom, purchase is based on recent low end sales of a three bedroom and monthly payment with 20% down.

Cost of Living

Housing in Lake Oswego, Oregon

Looking for a spacious home with breathtaking views? Or perhaps a cozy ranch nestled in a quiet neighborhood? You'll find both and much more in Lake Oswego, Oregon. This Oregon city is known for its large homes on the lake, but you'll also find plenty of charming ranch-style homes, downtown new builds, as well as maintained historic homes. Prices vary widely, but the median home price is close to $900,000. Whether you're looking for luxury or simplicity, you're sure to find your perfect home in Lake Oswego.


Want to move to Lake Oswego and buy a home?  Reach out to a member of our Moving to Lake Oswego Oregon Team today to get pre-approved for a mortgage, set up on home tracker to see new houses as they come on the market, or get a market analysis done on a home you need to sell. We are here to help you move to Lake Oswego in any way we can!

Lake Oswego Home

Living in Lake Oswego Oregon - Photo by Todd Davidson

Best Neighborhoods in Lake Oswego Oregon

When it comes to finding the perfect place to call home, few places can match the beauty and charm of this city. There's something for everyone from the downtown area to the lakefront neighborhoods in Lake Oswego. In all, there are 28 official/unofficial neighborhoods in Lake Oswego. Each of them is great and has unique features that are most important to the residents of that Lake Oswego neighborhood. Narrowing down a list and calling it "the Best Neighborhoods in Lake Oswego" is impossible and would depend on your specific needs.

From our experience, here are some of the most desirable Lake Oswego neighborhoods to live in:


Located southwest of Oswego Lake, Evergreen is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Lake Oswego. The homes here are spacious and well-maintained single-family homes, and many of them offer stunning views of the lake.

The community is just minutes from Lake Oswego Swim Park which is available to the Evergreen residents. One of the best things about this area is the neighbors; they are friendly and always willing to lend a helping hand. If looking for a great neighborhood in Lake Oswego, Evergreen would be a great choice.

The three public schools in Lake Oswego's Evergreen neighborhood:

  • Forest Hills Elementary School

  • Lake Oswego Middle School

  • Lake Oswego High School

Lake Grove

If you're looking for a Lake Oswego neighborhood with a strong sense of community, you'll love living in Lake Grove. This community offers quiet streets and distinctive homes on large lots. 

Lake Grove is an excellent area for those who enjoy the outdoors, as there are numerous parks and green spaces nearby, including Waluga Park and Lake Grove Swim Park. And if you need to commute into the city for work, you'll be happy to know that Lake Grove is just east of Interstate 5, making the drive a breeze.

Zupan's Market, La Provence Bakery, and Jefe Restaurant are some of the popular businesses in this Lake Oswego neighborhood, all located in the recently revitalized Lake Grove Village.

Some other local parks and green spaces in Lake Oswego's Lake Grove neighborhood:

  • Iron Mountain Park

  • Campbell Native Garden

  • Pennington Park


Hallinan is a neighborhood in Lake Oswego, Oregon, that offers a vast range of home prices and property types. The community is involved and supportive, with many members taking an active role in the neighborhood events and activities.

Waterfront properties are available in Hallinan, as well as more affordable options such as cozy condominiums and townhomes.

The three public schools in the Lake Oswego's Hallinan neighborhood:

  • Hallinan Elementary School

  • Lakeridge Middle High School

  • Lakeridge High School


Glenmorrie is a scenic neighborhood located in Lake Oswego, Oregon. This Lake Oswego  neighborhood contains 200 homes, with an average square footage of about 3,000 square feet, making it one of the more modestly sized neighborhoods in Lake Oswego.

In addition, this charming Lake Oswego neighborhood is full of history, friendly neighbors, and an abundance of lush green trees and plants. Nothing beats taking a leisurely stroll through this peaceful Lake Oswego neighborhood.

The three public schools in the Lake Oswego's Glenmorrie Heights neighborhood:

  • Hallinan Elementary School

  • Lakeridge Middle High School

  • Lakeridge High School

First Addition

First Addition is a beautiful and diverse neighborhood located in Lake Oswego, Oregon. The area is known for its small-town atmosphere, and its residents enjoy a high quality of life.

First Addition is conveniently located close to many services and shopping, with many businesses located within walking distance. If you want to live in Lake Oswego and don't want to drive, this Lake Oswego neighborhood for you. Literally, everything you'd ever need is a short walk away. 

The area is especially popular for those looking for a variety of home styles. Gothic, Prairie Tudor, Craftsman, bungalow, and ranch are among the single-family housing styles. Also mixed in are new construction and multi-family dwellings. If you're looking for a neighborhood in Lake Oswego that offers character, charm, and walkability, First Addition may be a great fit for you.

Some of the local's favorites in Lake Oswego's First Addition Neighborhood:

  • Tyron Creek State Park

  • Oswego Lake Country Club

  • Lake Oswego Library

First Addition Sign in Lake Oswego Oregon.jpg

Living in Lake Oswego Oregon - First Addition Neighborhood in Lake Oswego - Photo by Todd Davidson


The Bryant neighborhood in Lake Oswego is the perfect mix of old and new. The older cottages sit side-by-side with stately waterfront mansions, and each house has its own unique personality. The two tennis courts are always active, and the Bryant Park playground is a favorite with kids of all ages.

The real star of this Lake Oswego neighborhood is the lake itself. On any given day, you can see people out on the water, fishing, kayaking, or just enjoying the view.

Students from Lake Oswego's Bryant neighborhood attend the following schools:

  • Westridge Elementary School

  • River Grove Elementary School

  • Lakeridge Middle School

  • Lakeridge High School


If looking to move to Lake Oswego and you want a neighborhood that's extremely kid-friendly and bikeable, the Westlake neighborhood in Lake Oswego might be for you. With an abundance of sidewalks and pathways throughout the community, it's extremely safe to get around. 

The city's premier athletic park, Westlake park, is located in the community. The park offers baseball fields, tennis courts, soccer fields, full-court basketball, a covered picnic area, and a covered playground. The park is also home to the summer concert series, which is a big draw for not only those in Westlake but all living in Lake Oswego.

Students from Lake Oswego's Bryant neighborhood attend the following schools:

  • Lake Grove Elementary School

  • Oak Creek Elementary School

  • Lake Oswego Middle School

  • Lake Oswego High School

Westlake Neighborhood Sign in Lake Oswego Oregon

Living in Lake Oswego Oregon - Westlake Neighborhood in Lake Oswego - Photo by Todd Davidson

Mountain Park

Located in the southwestern part of Lake Oswego is the Mountain Park neighborhood. Know for its natural beauty and great views, this Lake Oswego neighborhood, situated on a hill, is surrounded by wonderful parks, trails, and recreational areas. Mountain Park was a planned community that was established in the 1970s. The neighborhood covers over 850 acres and includes single-family homes, townhouses, and condominiums. The community also features a variety of amenities, including parks, playgrounds, swimming pools, tennis courts, and hiking trails.

If you want to live in Lake Oswego, Oregon, in a tight-knit community with an abundance of amenities, then the Mountain Park neighborhood in Lake Oswego might be for you!

Students from Lake Oswego's Mountain Park neighborhood attend the following schools:

  • Oak Creek Elementary School

  • Lake Oswego Middle School

  • Lake Oswego High School


With large luxurious homes and some stunning views of the Willamette River and surrounding forests, the Palisades neighborhood in Lake Oswego is one of Lake Oswego's most popular. Situated on a series of hills that slope toward the river, Palisades residents have great hiking, biking, and boating, just a stone's throw away. The area is also home to several parks and nature preserves, including Tryon Creek State Natural Area and George Rogers Park, which offer residents access to miles of hiking trails and picnic areas.

In terms of real estate, the Palisades neighborhood is characterized by its large, elegant homes, many of which feature spacious yards, swimming pools, and other luxurious amenities. Home prices in the neighborhood tend to be higher than the average for Lake Oswego, reflecting the area's desirable location and high-end housing stock.

Overall, the Palisades neighborhood is a highly sought-after community that offers residents a unique blend of natural beauty, outdoor recreation, and luxurious living. Whether you're looking for a peaceful retreat or a vibrant community with plenty of amenities, the Palisades is definitely worth considering if you're planning to move to Lake Oswego.

Students from Lake Oswego's Palisades neighborhood attend the following schools:

  • Hallinan Elementary School

  • Lakeridge Middle School

  • Lakeridge High School

Every neighborhood in Lake Oswego is excellent and has unique features. The other neighborhoods in Lake Oswego are:

Oak Creek, Forest Highlands, Birdshill, Holly Orchard, Uplands, North Shore-Country Club, Lake Forest, Waluga, Lakewood, Old Town, Rosewood, Bule Heron, Westridge, McVey-South Shore, Skylands, John's Wood, Foothills, Lakeview Summit, and Childs.

For more information and guidance on the neighborhoods in Lake Oswego, reach out to our Lake Oswego neighborhood expert, Elizabeth Davidson. She has sold real estate in Lake Oswego for over a decade and knows the Lake Oswego neighborhoods well. Elizabeth Davidson Website

If moving to Lake Oswego, Oregon, and you'd like to buy a home in one of these fabulous neighborhoods, CLICK HERE to sign up for LISTING ALERT to be the first to know when a home matching your criteria gets listed for sale in Lake Oswego, Oregon. To connect with a local realtor, CLICK HERE. One of the most important decisions you'll make when moving to Lake Oswego, Oregon, is picking an experienced realtor who can help you get the house you want at the best price. At living in Oregon, we work with the best realtors throughout the state and can help you get the right realtor to make your move and home purchase as easy as possible.

The Community Atmosphere in Lake Oswego, Oregon

The community will play a big part in answering the question "Is Lake Oswego a good place to live?" There's no doubt that Lake Oswego, Oregon, offers an amazing community atmosphere. From the amazing community events like the Lake Oswego Farmer's Market, the 4th of July celebration, and the annual Christmas tree lighting, it's clear that people here care about each other and their community. 

There's a strong sense of pride living in Lake Oswego, Oregon, and it shows. Lake Oswego neighborhoods are clean and kept up. There's significant community and parent involvement in the Lake Oswego schools. The town takes pride and supports their hometown sports teams and athletes. The community shops at local businesses, and the local businesses, in turn, support the community. There is nothing better than living in a close-knit community where people know and care about each other.  Some of the things that make living in Lake Oswego, Oregon, so appealing.

Fourth of July Parade in Lake Oswego Oregon, 7.4.22

Living in Lake Oswego - Photo by Todd Davidson

Public Schools in Lake Oswego, Oregon 

If you've got school aged kids, the quality of schools will play a big part in answering the question "Is Lake Oswego, Oregon, a good place to live?" The Lake Oswego School District is rated the best school district in the state of Oregon. Its elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools are regularly ranked among the top in the nation. Lake Oswego schools offers a rigorous academic curriculum, and its students have consistently high test scores. In the most recently completed school year, 94.8% of Lake Oswego seniors graduated compared to 81.3% state-wide. If considering a move to Lake Oswego and the quality of schools is an important part of your decision, then you can do much worse than moving to Lake Oswego, Oregon.

In addition to its academic excellence, the Lake Oswego schools offer a wide range of extracurricular activities, including sports, music, and drama. Lake Oswego schools are well-equipped and provide a secure and supportive learning environment for all students. 

For specific school rankings and boundaries of Lake Oswego schools, check out the Lake Oswego School District and Great Schools links in the link section below.

Lake Oswego High School, in Lake Oswego Oregon

Living in Lake Oswego - Photo by Todd Davidson

Living in Lake Oswego Oregon Tips/Info/Blog Posts

Helpful Tips for Moving to Oregon and Buying a Home







Top Businesses & Employers in Lake Oswego

Lake Oswego, Oregon, has a strong economy, with an unemployment rate of just 4.5% which is significantly lower than the national average. There are plenty of opportunities for businesses to grow and thrive in this community as well as many resources to help them get started.  

In addition, Lake Oswego is a popular tourist destination, and many businesses in the city cater to the visitors. Residents love being a part of this affluent community and the employers reflect that.


Some of the largest businesses and employers in Lake Oswego, Oregon, include:

  • The Greenbrier Companies

  • Unosquare

  • Afa Forest Products

  • Westmark Labels and Marking

  • West Coast Bancorp

If you are looking to relocate to Lake Oswego, Oregon, there are some large thriving companies and an abundance of job opportunities.  Plus the proximity to Portland and the accessibility of the Portland Airport open up many more opportunities for those who live in Lake Oswego.  

Top Destinations & Attractions in Lake Oswego 

Lake Oswego, Oregon, is bursting with options of things to see and do. From its stunning natural beauty to its vibrant downtown, there is something for everyone in this city. Whether living in Lake Oswego or just visiting, you will surely enjoy exploring the many parks and trails, shopping in the unique boutiques and shops, dining at the delicious restaurants, and participating in the many events and festivals held throughout the year. 


Listed below are some of the most popular destinations and attractions in the Lake Oswego area.

Oswego Lake

The Oswego Lake is a beautiful body of water located in the middle of Lake Oswego, Oregon. It is the perfect place to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, including swimming, fishing, canoeing, and hiking. The lake is also a very popular spot for birdwatching, as it is home to a variety of aquatic birds, including herons and ducks. There is a city-owned swim park with a picnic area for public use by city residents. Otherwise, access is restricted to the 3500 residents who live around and near the lake.

Oswego Lake in Lake Oswego

Living in Lake Oswego - Photo by Todd Davidson

Turn around in Downtown Lake Oswego Oregon

Downtown Lake Oswego

Downtown Lake Oswego is a lakefront business district with over 200 businesses, including specialty shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues. The downtown area is also has several parks and public art displays. Visitors can enjoy scenic views of the lake from numerous vantage points throughout the downtown area.

Living in Lake Oswego - Photo by Todd Davidson

Oswego Lake County Club

Situated on the banks of beautiful Oswego Lake, the club features a par 71 championship golf course, tennis courts, a swimming pool, and dining facilities for its members. The club also offers a variety of social events and activities, including bridge clubs, book clubs, and holiday parties for its members.

George Rogers Park

George Rogers Park is a 26-acre public park located in Lake Oswego, Oregon. The park features two baseball fields, a soccer field, and direct access to the Willamette River. George Rogers Park is also home to a variety of amenities, including picnic tables, playground equipment, and walking trails.  A wonderful family spot for those living in Lake Oswego.

Lake Theater & Café

This historic venue on Oswego Lake, located in the heart of downtown Lake Oswego features two theaters in a truly intimate setting. The café offers a variety of American food options, as well as a full bar, making it an amazing place to grab a bite or a drink before or after the show. And when the weather is nice, you can enjoy your meal on the patio, which offers scenic views of the lake.

Lake Theater & Cafe in Lake Oswego Oregon

Living in Lake Oswego - Photo by Todd Davidson

Eating & Drinking

The dining options in Lake Oswego are plentiful and varied. From casual cafes to fine dining restaurants, there is something to suit every taste.


Some of the most popular establishments include:


  • La Provence Boulangerie & Patisserie

  • Oswego Grill

  • Riccardo’s

  • Babica Hen Cafe

  • Baird's on B Bar & Grill

  • Five Spice Seafood + Wine Bar

  • Nicoletta’s Table

  • Manzana Rotisserie Grill

A Brief History of Lake Oswego Oregon

Oswego Heritage House in Lake Oswego Oregon

Living in Lake Oswego Oregon - Photo by Todd Davidson

Lake Oswego was founded in 1847 by Albert Alonzo Durham and incorporated in 1910. The Clackamas Indians were the earliest inhabitants of the area, and for centuries they made their home along the banks of the river.

By 1886 the first railroad arrived in the city, followed by the first school district in 1874. The city grew slowly but steadily throughout the early 20th century and today is a thriving community with a rich history.

The Oswego Heritage House is a local museum dedicated to preserving and promoting the history and culture of the area. The museum's home is in a beautiful Victorian-style building, and it features a variety of interactive exhibits. Each year the museum hosts a number of events and has a well-stocked store where visitors can purchase books, souvenirs, and local artisanal products.

Pros and Cons of Living in Lake Oswego Oregon

Living in Lake Oswego Pros

  1. The Schools: Lake Oswego schools are consistently ranked the best in the state of Oregon.  In the 2020-21 school year, 97% of seniors in Lake Oswego public schools graduated.  Well above the 80% state-wide average.  A lot of people who look to move to Lake Oswego do so because of the great schools.

  2. The Neighborhoods: The neighborhoods in Lake Oswego are all off the chart good. I named a handful above, but the ones I didn't list would be the best neighborhood in a lot of communities. If you plan to move to Lake Oswego, make sure and research and look at all the Lake Oswego neighborhoods as there are a lot of good ones, and they all offer just a little different lifestyle.

  3. Recreation:  There are so many recreational opportunities in and around Lake Oswego. Between Oswego Lake, the Willamette river, all the various parks and events going on in the city.  Anyone living in Lake Oswego is bound to keep busy and have fun.

  4. Proximity to the Mountains and Coast: Living in Lake Oswego, you'll be about an hour and a half from Mt Hood to enjoy some of the best skiing and camping in the area and about an hour and a half from the Oregon Coast to enjoy a day at the beach. So you’ve got beautiful beaches to explore and hiking, biking, and skiing, all within an hour and a half drive.

  5. Variety of Events: The abundance of local events is sure to get you out and about and meeting people if you move to Lake Oswego.  The Farmers Market downtown, the concert in the park series at West Lake Park, the annual 4th of July parade that weaves through downtown Lake Oswego, and the Christmas Tree lighting are just a few of the events that the community gets excited about and attends in droves each year.

  6. Proximity to Portland:  Situated 17 minutes from Portland, those living in Lake Oswego, Oregon, have the amenities of a big city at their fingertips with the more laid back, community friendly lifestyle that living in a smaller city can provide. 

Living in Lake Oswego Cons

  1. Rain/Weather: There is a reason Lake Oswego is so beautiful and green, right?  Lake Oswego, Oregon, gets some sort of precipitation 147 days a year.  The city gets on average, 42 inches of rain a year.  This is probably the biggest adjustment for those looking to move to Lake Oswego from a warmer, drier location.

  2. Cost of Living: Living in Lake Oswego, Oregon, is expensive.  You can look online at various sites and get ten different percentages, but however you slice and dice it's more expensive to live in Lake Oswego than just about anywhere else in Oregon.  It's beautiful, in a great location, the streets are safe and clean, tons of parks, significant community events, the Lake Oswego neighborhoods are all good and the schools are the best in the state.  It all comes with a price.

  3. Lack of Available Housing: Available housing is in short supply and it's very competitive if you are looking to move to Lake Oswego, Oregon, and buy a home or rent. If you want to buy a house, you need to be prepared and work with a good mortgage broker to get pre-approved, as well as a good realtor. For Mortgage Info reach out to me. I would love to answer any questions about Lake Oswego and help you get pre-approved. I also have several good realtors I work with if you need an introduction, and together we can make living in Lake Oswego, Oregon, a reality for you.

FAQs About Living in Lake Oswego Oregon 

What are some of the things Lake Oswego is known for?

Lake Oswego, Oregon, is most known for its beautiful lake and vibrant community. The lake is a popular spot for boating, fishing, and swimming, and is surrounded by parks and trails for outdoor recreation. The town also hosts various events and activities throughout the year, such as the Lake Oswego Farmers Market, the Festival of the Arts, and the Star Spangled Parade and Celebration. The community is known for its strong sense of civic pride and involvement, making it a welcoming and lively place to visit or call home.

What is the weather like in Lake Oswego? Is it wet?

Living in Lake Oswego, Oregon, you can expect mild weather throughout the year. In the winter months, the average high temperatures range from 45°F to 50°F, and the average low temperatures range from 32°F to 35°F. The city occasionally experiences light snowfall during the winter, with an average of 3 inches of snowfall annually. Summers in Lake Oswego are mild, with average high temperatures ranging from 70°F to 75°F and occasional hot spells in the 80s and 90s. The city receives around 43 inches of rain yearly, with most precipitation occurring in the fall and winter months.


What cities and attractions are close to Lake Oswego?

Lake Oswego, Oregon, is situated in Clackamas County, part of the Portland metropolitan area in the northwestern part of the state. The city is approximately 8 miles south of Portland and 25 miles north of Salem. Lake Oswego is close to several other cities in the area, including Beaverton, about 12 miles to the west, and Tigard, about 7 miles to the southwest. The city is also within easy driving distance of other popular destinations in the region, such as the Columbia River Gorge, Mount Hood, and the Oregon Coast. Lake Oswego's central location in Clackamas County makes it an excellent starting point for exploring the surrounding natural beauty and nearby cities.

How are the schools in Lake Oswego?

Lake Oswego schools were ranked #1 in the state of Oregon for the 2022-23 school year. 80% of seniors in Oregon public schools graduated, while 97% of seniors in Lake Oswego public schools graduated. Many people looking to move to Lake Oswego do so because of the great schools. The schools are certainly one of the biggest reasons people decide to move to and live in Lake Oswego!

Why is living in Lake Oswego so expensive?

All the reasons we've talked about that make living in Lake Oswego, Oregon, so great, and has everyone wanting to move to Lake Oswego, Oregon, are why it's so expensive. The amazing neighborhoods, beautiful parks, great community events, spectacular surroundings, and the highest-ranked schools in the state come at a cost. It isn't cheap to live in Lake Oswego. Moving to Lake Oswego, Oregon, is expensive. Whether it's the right thing for you is up for you to decide.

Is Living in Lake Oswego safe?

Living in Lake Oswego, Oregon, you'll find it an extremely safe place. Property crime rates in Lake Oswego are lower than the national average, and violent crime rates are significantly lower than the national average. states Lake Oswego has a crime rate lower than 85% of all US cities. Anyone living in Lake Oswego should feel very safe!

Is Lake Oswego Oregon a good place to live?

Lake Oswego, Oregon, is an amazing place to live. With amazing schools, beautiful scenery, and a tight-knit community, who wouldn't want to live in Lake Oswego, Oregon? It is expensive though and not everyone can afford it. Luckily, there are many other great cities surrounding Lake Oswego to consider. 


I'm considering moving to Lake Oswego. What's the best way to go about relocating there?

Research and preparation are the keys if you are thinking of relocating to Lake Oswego. There’s a ton of information on this website to digest. Looking for a community of experts to ask questions to? Try our Facebook Group > Moving to Oregon. We have a large community of people who are willing to help and answer the questions you have. If you’re looking to buy a home in the Lake Oswego area, getting pre-approved for a mortgage would be your first step. For Mortgage Info or more information on what it's like to live in Lake Oswego, reach out to me. I would be happy to answer any questions and honored to help you move to Lake Oswego and buy a home. If you just want to to research home prices and homes for sale in Lake Oswego, Oregon, CLICK HERE. No info or login needed to see all the homes for sale in Lake Oswego, Oregon, currently. 

For FAQs about moving to Oregon or living in Oregon, check out my blog, 31 FAQs About Living in Oregon. For more information about living in Oregon, check out the homepage of LIVING IN OREGON.

Video's on What it's Like to Live in Lake Oswego Oregon

Elizabeth Davidson - Realtor - About Me Video

Elizabeth Davidson - Realtor - About Me

Elizabeth Davidson - Selling Your House

Elizabeth Davidson - Realtor -  Listing your home

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