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A Local's Guide on What it's Like Living in Scappoose Oregon

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Are you Living in or Considering Moving to Scappoose Oregon?

Scappoose is a small community located 20 miles northwest of Portland in the heart of a Pacific wonderland.  The town is surrounded by lush green forests, the majestic Columbia River, and panoramic views of the snowcapped Cascade Mountains.  

All year round, leisure activities in Scappoose provide a wide range of options for every age group. Scappoose is loaded with significant shopping areas, resorts, restaurants, and spas, ensuring your trip to Scappoose are hassle-free. From a convincing landscape and outdoor to some world-class stay options and facilities, Scappoose packs incredible diversity in the luxury activities it offers. Scappoose also provides a wide variety of outdoor activities such as kayaking, boating, fishing, biking, hiking, geocaching, or golf, as well as indoor activities to help you get through the rainy days such as an indoor rock climbing venue, unique restaurants, an old-style movie theater with the technological upgrades needed to compete in the 21st century.

The Moving to Scappoose Oregon Team

Are you considering moving to Scappoose Oregon? Our moving to Scappoose team is hear to assist. With their real estate and lending experience they can help make relocating to Scappoose, Oregon, easy and stress-free for you. Call or email them today so they can help make moving to and living in Scappoose, Oregon, a reality for you!

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Elizabeth Davidson


Todd Davidson Mortgage Broker in Oregon

Todd Davidson

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